Meet our summer Business Development intern, Omnia!

When I first glanced at Kerafast’s mission to increase accessibility of unique reagents and the number of reagents it houses in its catalog, I was immediately drawn to the company. My name is Omnia Eldoghry, and I am a rising junior at Tufts University where I am pursuing a double major in biology and community health with a minor in biotechnology. As an Egyptian born, raised in Saudi Arabia, I moved to the United States in July of 2019.

My experience with biotechnology and industry began when I took a protein purification course in the spring semester of my sophomore year at Tufts. Learning about industry during the course magnified the importance of accessibility to unique reagents as a means to reduce the cost of drug production in low-income communities. Kerafast’s mission accomplishes this accessibility and delivers rare reagents to researchers around the world.

As the Business Development Intern this summer, I would like to learn more about the working environment in industry and broaden my understanding of biotechnology applications in the life-sciences and healthcare space. Looking for new reagents and various monoclonal antibodies to add to the Kerafast and the Absolute Antibody catalogs has already given me a glimpse at the versatile applications of these reagents. I anticipate that being a part of the Business Development Team will shed light on the process of sourcing unique reagents and monoclonal antibodies which is something I am very interested in learning about. After graduation, I hope to either pursue a degree in medicine or join the industry and pursue a graduate degree in genetics. Regardless of the path I choose, my time at Kerafast and Absolute Antibody will be invaluable when it comes to understanding the business aspect of scientific research and my understanding of reagent applications.