Absolute Biotech Launches to Offer Antibody Reagents, Services and Expertise to Researchers Worldwide

We’re excited to announce the launch of Absolute Biotech, a new company that unites multiple life science brands into one organization specializing in antibody reagents and services. Kerafast is now part of Absolute Biotech and will join in the company’s efforts to add value to existing antibodies, reagents and kits through annotation, validation, sequencing, engineering and recombinant manufacturing. You can learn more about Absolute Biotech and its different brands here.

It is still very much business as usual for Kerafast’s customers and partners, with the same contacts and processes for order placement and fulfillment. But we are also excited for what the future holds – as our different brands continue to integrate, our customers will benefit from the bringing together of our unique reagent portfolios and wide-ranging antibody expertise.

What Won’t Change

  • The products in our catalog will remain available for order by scientists worldwide.
  • You will use the same contacts for ordering, customer service and technical support.
  • All Kerafast license agreements remain intact.
  • You can continue to make available reagents developed in your own lab.
  • Providing institutions will continue to receive royalty payments based on reagent sales.

What Will Change

  • As our global footprint increases, you will have access to a larger and more international customer service team, enabling faster turnaround times and reduced shipping costs.
  • Products and services from our full family of brands will eventually become available to order via the Absolute Biotech website, providing you with one centralized place to compare and purchase reagents for your entire antibody workflow. You will still have the option to order directly from the Kerafast website. 
  • Our goal is to leverage each brand’s antibody expertise to advance the creation and availability of highly defined reagents, in particular through antibody validation, sequencing, engineering and recombinant production. An increasing number of unique and fully reproducible antibodies will become available to you through the combined Absolute Biotech portfolio.

We thank you for your support of Kerafast and look forward to continuing to work together! It’s been an exciting journey for Kerafast already, and we’re excited for the next stage as well. We will keep you updated as our different brands continue to come together in support of antibody research worldwide.

Read the full announcement on Business Wire.