Kerafast Makes Steps to Go Green

Kerafast is taking great steps to become more environmentally responsible. Our most recent initiative has been to implement eco-friendly packaging. Our new Coldkeepers packaging consists of cotton fiber insulation that is wrapped in a white poly film. Both components can be easily separated by the end user for proper recycling.

Our Coldkeepers packaging can be easily separated by the customer for proper recycling.

This new packaging is much more eco-friendly than our previous thick polystyrene foam containers. Our newly designed packaging primarily consists of post-industrial cotton. The cotton is wrapped in white poly film, is leak proof and can maintain a steady, dry temperature during transit. We are confident that this new packaging will help ensure proper transport on all domestic shipments along with decrease the amount of waste.

Positive Impacts of Coldkeepers Packaging:

  • FDA compliant, suitable for 24, 48 and 72-hour shipments
  • Components can be easily separated and recycled
  • 50% less Styrofoam (insulated foam containers) used by Kerafast
  • 30% less cardboard used by Kerafast
  • Easily compacted to save freight/space

We are now using the Coldkeepers packaging for all of our domestic shipments. Coldkeepers packaging is ideal for domestic transport of both dry-ice and cold packs. It can maintain temperatures for up to 48 hours even in the hottest summer months. By making the switch for all domestic shipments, we are cutting our waste in-half due to the smaller packaging size and materials.

A size comparison of our new, smaller boxes compared to our old shipping packages.

On average Kerafast ships anywhere between 40-60 dry-ice shipments a week, more than half of which are domestic shipments. For the time being, our new eco-friendly packaging is only being used for domestic shipments, but we hope to find an alternative shipping material for international shipments as well. As our mission is to make access to unique research materials more readily available to scientists around the world, shipping these reagents is a major part of our job. In the past year alone, Kerafast has sent shipments to 35 states, 25 countries and 6 continents.

Our go-green initiative is starting in our shipping room and will continue to spread throughout our company in the upcoming years. Stay tuned to hear what our next eco-friendly improvement is.