Kerafast Supports Boston’s Efforts Toward Gender Equity in the Workforce

The Boston Women’s Workforce Council is a partnership between Mayor Walsh’s office in the City of Boston and companies in Boston committed to closing gender gaps in the workforce. The BWWC has three main goals:

  • Close the gender-based pay gaps
  • Remove the visible and invisible barriers to women’s advancement
  • Ensure that 100% of the talent pool is used to make Boston the best area in the country for working women

Kerafast was one of the original signers of the 100% Talent Compact, a pledge to work toward closing the gender gap in wages. More than 250 companies have now signed this compact and anonymously share their salary and demographic data every two years to measure progress in the City of Boston toward 100% pay equity.

Based on the data from the 2019 survey, BWWC reports that in the City of Boston, women make 70 cents for every dollar that a man makes in salary. Innovative initiatives, training and programs that the BWWC and Boston’s Mayor support are working to decrease this wage disparity. Kerafast employees certainly appreciate being in the City of Boston where the local government isn’t afraid to take on issues and lead the charge on progress for equality. We encourage all businesses in Boston to join us by signing the Compact!