A Big Welcome to the Kerafast Summer Interns!

A Big Welcome to the Kerafast Summer Interns!

Here at Kerafast, we just welcomed two new team members: digital marketing intern Jillian Katz from Roger Williams University and graphic design intern Lidia Tokareva from Bunker Hill Community College. We wanted to take this opportunity to introduce them and their roles at Kerafast.

Jillian Katz, Digital Marketing Intern, Roger Williams University

Jillian is currently a sophomore at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island, pursuing a marketing major with a minor in psychology and a core concentration in chemistry. This summer, she will be working on a variety of projects, including helping with Kerafast advertising, email marketing and company presentations.

“I wanted to intern at Kerafast because I want to work for a company where I can utilize both my experiences and love for chemistry with my business major,” Jillian said. “I’m hoping to gain a better understanding of the relationship a company such as Kerafast has with scientists and its customers, and how an individual with my academic experiences can be successful in this industry.”

Jillian Katz

After graduation, Jillian hopes to be employed at a company where she can utilize both her science and business degrees. “I am passionate about working with people,” Jillian added, “and the idea of being able to speak ‘both languages’ (to the scientists, as well as to the business personnel) is extremely intriguing, and exciting for me.”

Outside of school and work, Jillian enjoys being surrounded by friends and family, being outdoors, swimming and playing volleyball. In addition, she is extremely passionate about helping animals, volunteering at an animal shelter. She also volunteers regularly at Cradles to Crayons, a nonprofit which supplies underprivileged children with necessities such as clothing, shoes, toys and books.

Lidia Tokareva, Graphic Design Intern, Bunker Hill Community College

Lidia is graduating this month from the graphic design program at Bunker Hill Community College in Massachusetts. As Kerafast’s graphic design intern, she will be working to update and create new Kerafast-branded materials, including brochures, emails and images for the website.

“I wanted to intern at Kerafast because I will be able to apply my design skills and knowledge to enhance the company’s graphics,” Lidia said. “I’m excited to get hands-on experience and network with my colleagues.” In particular, she is eager to learn how to transfer her design work to HTML format, for use in emails and online.

Lidia Tokareva

After graduation, Lidia will be attending another university to obtain a bachelor’s degree in interaction design. Outside of design, her hobbies include swimming, ice-skating and exercising at the gym.