A Discussion with Director of Market Development, Amelia Gibson, PhD, MBA

Amelia’s focus to date has been on building relationships with our Providing institutions, and she is now extending her responsibilities to include marketing.

Amelia, What do you like best about working at Kerafast?

I enjoy working for a start-up company where I can be involved in all areas of the business.

You have been working for Kerafast for about two years, now, what are some of your main responsibilities?

I am part of the business development group, so I work with scientists that have created novel reagents and academic technology commercialization offices to license new reagents. I spend most of my time educating these two groups of people about Kerafast’s business model and then negotiating the terms of a license agreement.

If you weren’t working at Kerafast, what else do you see yourself doing?

I’ve always loved animals and got my PhD from NC State’s College of Veterinary Medicine where I was surrounded by brilliant clinicians, so I think I would pursue a career in veterinary medicine.

Kerafast’s mission is to build a community of scientists in which we help to facilitate access to unique bioreagents. Outside of work, what are the causes whose mission you are passionate about?

As I mentioned earlier, I love animals and have always had a dog, cat, or horse in my life. I currently volunteer with a local animal rescue and have my own rescue dog, Wayne, that has been with me for over 8 years.