A Discussion with Customer Service Manager, Carlos Guerra

Chances are, if you have emailed or spoken with someone at Kerafast recently regarding our research materials, it was Carlos Guerra, our Customer Service & Logistics Manager.

Carlos, you’ve been working at Kerafast for about 6 months and have rapidly become an integral part of the team, always quick with a joke or a funny story to keep us all entertained! What do you like best about working at Kerafast?
“My favorite part about working at Kerafast is the feel of being part of a small, but effective team. This simple detail results in genuine interactions with customers and colleagues, making my time at work very enjoyable. I believe this also benefits the progress of both my own, and company, goals. I feel comfortable approaching anyone in the company for any question or assistance, making communication between departments quick and easy.”

What are some of your main responsibilities?
“My main responsibilities include answering customer phone calls and emails, taking orders, as well as keeping track of packages. I make sure all packages get to the customer in a timely manner.”

If you weren’t working at Kerafast, what other industry or role do you see yourself in?
“If I wasn’t working at Kerafast, I would most likely find myself in a sales or support role. I enjoy being able to use my skills to help resolve an issue. Despite the industry or role, it is rare that everything will go as smoothly or as perfectly as you anticipate. I am firm believer that when these challenges arise, your actions to correct issues become even more crucial.”

Kerafast’s mission is to build a community of scientists in which we help to facilitate access to unique bioreagents. Outside of work, we know that you are a big motorcycle enthusiast and a committed volunteer. What are the causes whose mission you are passionate about?
“I believe giving back can be applied to almost all aspects of life. In my free time, I enjoy volunteering at the Salvation Army or food kitchens around the city. Helping others has proved to be one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever been a part of, reaffirming an idea of mutual progression through the creation of a community.”